With Chantal Lonati

“The special satisfaction I get from working in the dining room comes from the fact that I have always enjoyed meeting people, but also because my first job was in the kitchen. I’m not kidding: having spent time stoving over a hot slave in other gourmet restaurants, as well as with Bernard when we started out together, I have a deep-rooted appreciation not only for serving our guests but also for the demanding day-to-day kitchen work. I believe that this special feeling, this “Colombière” spirit, has grown out of the sheer love of sharing: the skill of cooking, good wines, and an exceptional dining experience. Friendship. And quite simply the art of good living.

“I certainly had the right upbringing for this line of work: in my family (from Lyon) a party was a party! Especially round the table. A family tradition with its rituals and its gastronomic delights. My great-grandmother, my grandmother, my mother and even my father loved to cook.

All my life I have been setting the table and serving meals for eight to twelve people which is exactly what our restaurant is offering today. And it is with a view to this particular pleasure that is engraved in people’s hearts and minds that we have completely refurbished and redecorated the restaurant. So that you will feel quite simply at home chez nous!